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Gaddafi was the likes wearing women's fashion

Image via Wikipedia

Detection of the book "the veil of war secrecy of the intelligence of U.S. Central from 1981 to 1987" by the U.S. "Bob Woodward" undated device of the "CIA" official, to the American hostility to Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, and love to wear women's fashion and his love for the dbp game called "Teddy" was sleeping on her lap and the fact that the medical reports confirmed that the American psyche where scientists that the man is mentally ill as well as the degree of a fool deep hostility to Egypt.
We find that they are on 14 March 1986 and placed inside the CIA vision to respond to any terrorist act directed at fleets and aircraft of the United States by Gaddafi, fearing the decision crazy cut where Gaddafi supply 10% of the needs of the American Petroleum obtained from Libya and convey the author a number of items agreed it is that "if the Gaddafi attacking a naval vessel or aircraft not an American response must be expanded but will include the source of the fire only to maintain the size of the response in the plane just mentioned.
If there were American casualties, even if one grants the U.S. president a green light operation against Gaddafi will the U.S. planes begin bombing in the range of the destruction of the Libyan Air Force, especially the ability of aircraft owned by the Soviet forces Gaddafi. If a second response Gaddafi aggression will begin the U.S. bombed intensively for the Libyan oil fields and bombed an influential economic centers to undermine the financial system and economic Libyan immediately without regard to U.S. interests in the oil. "
And tells the author that the U.S. president "Ronald Reagan" was a trip a secret with the Director of the "CIA, William Casey, to the islands of" Mallorca "Spanish for a private holiday, and during the flight gave Casey the latest report psychological neutrality on the status of Gaddafi and developed by a number of great scholars world for the CIA and was surprised by Reagan as agreed that Gaddafi man effeminate likes to wear women's clothes in secret and he loves putting powder cosmetic women sometimes in public, wearing a permanently shoes with heels that would make him seem taller and taller and agility were made to him specifically in Italy .
It also had a dbp game was loved called "Teddy" was not sleeping but is in her lap and he had an obsession of mattresses and blankets to sleep and when he was staying in any hotel in the world was made for them a problem where they had to change the bed, fully in line with the types of mattresses, which was attended by him because he was sleeping with women, but especially the underwear in the normal days are often special women until he met presidents, a worn, "according to information the" CIA. "
And reveals the author really strange and odd that Gaddafi was intimate with the guards of women and men have in the first test was chosen girls virgins and young people the powerful and so they get confidence in them they have had to surrender his virginity was intimate with young men and women in the first day of service guarding the president Libya and was on guard or sentinel first is a Warbler Gaddafi them and the most serious issue's book by the light for the first time it is fact of having Gaddafi weapons and nuclear warheads, has said the author that the Soviet Union handed Gaddafi in December 1980 nuclear warheads enriched a weight of 11 kilograms of the type "HP any U" placed Gaddafi in a laboratory outside the capital, Tripoli.
Started by Naga

Problems of college and herbal treatment

For renal stone:
Taken paper baker Barre, cleans, then add it 3 tablespoons honey and one teaspoon olive oil, and drain well after mix together and drink it a cup at the renal colic, and continue on for a week, where the crumbling gravel and out, God willing.A recipe tried and strong to expel the stones kidney, treatment proven effective and applied to many people, and was relieved of God's permission, and some of them decided by your doctor surgery, before taking this recipe five days, and the grace of God did not work the process, which came out Haswa in a short period , and the recipe is:* Bring a bit of grit stone corals, which live in the Red Sea and is sold at Attarine, and is available in Egypt a lot.
* Kibble stones turns up almost to the semi-powder.
* Place the amount of crushed olive kernel on a cup of lemon juice without sugar and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning, and eat only after at least two hours of drinking.* Try to walk after that for at least one hour that you can.* Repeat the process 3-5 or 7 times any of 3-5 or 7 days.* Monitor the urine, you will find a change in color, and this is the first indicators of success.
* Repeat drink mix with lemon stone coral completed Lithotripsy and expelled through the urethra, God willing.* Repeat the process as possible for fifteen days in a few cases, according to the nature of Haswa. The Glory of the expulsion of gravel gravel.This recipe is very meaningful, and very successful, do not be afraid do not hesitate to use, it has no side effects.* And other capacity:If he assiduously patient to drink sweet almond oil, or sugar cane juice drew the sand and gravel college, God willing.* And other capacity:Radish juice or water to eat it, fragmented kidney stones if he assiduously attic injured.* And other capacity:Drinking mustard seed every night, enough to break up kidney stones, God willing.
* And other capacity:Many of the drinking water on empty stomach daily.* And other capacity:Eating as much as a cup of coffee from virgin olive oil on an empty stomach.* And other capacity: drinking milk camel.* Inflammation of the kidney: Drink a cup of boiled linseed in the morning and eveningTreatment of common diseases: treatment of the change in color of urine, burning sensation in the urethra, and urinary retention, and inflammation of the kidneys and bladder.(1) honey syrup:Where they are drinking a cup of honey per day of natural(2) eating a mixture of honey black pill:Where the powder is added quarter of a kilo to kilo black bean honeyAnd mix well, and be dealt with a tablespoon after every meal.(3) Paper cabbage juice (cabbage):Where the cut cabbage leaves after washing and then strike in a blender withA little water then drain and drink and can add a pinch of salt and spices to taste palatable.(4) drink boiled celery:Where it is boiling one teaspoon of seeds per cup of water on low heatFor a short time and then filtered and the period of leave to cool and then drink(5) drinking water:Try to drink at least 8 cups a day* Fragmentation of kidney stones:Water, juice or eat radishes, heartbreaking kidney stones if he assiduously attic injuredAnd other capacity:Drinking a mustard seed every night, enough to break up kidney stones* Fragmentation of bladder stones:Regularly the patient to eat 38 grams of pears each day and is best eaten the whole crust and its core and seed.* Inflammation of the kidney: Drink a cup of boiled linseed in the morning and evening

Red Cross distributes materials corrupt Somalia

Almtges behalf of the Relief Committee of the young Sheikh Sultan Mohammed burn materials corrupt (Al Jazeera)
Accused the Somali Mujahidin Youth Movement International Committee of the Red Cross to distribute food to displaced Somalis are corrupt, a charge admitted by the local Red Cross official, and offered an apology to the people of Somalia.
Movement and burned on Wednesday in the "kilo fiftieth", located south of the capital amount of these substances, and said it was part of the aid of the Red Cross plans to distribute over 170 thousand families, as stated by an official of the movement.
ExterminationThe spokesman of the Relief Committee of the movement, Sheikh Sultan Mohammed, in a press conference held at the site, the unit control health district Lower Shabelle succeeded in controlling the food in collaboration with doctors all agreed - according to the saying - the corruption of these materials and not fit for consumption.
He added that similar food items sent to several areas south of the country for distribution, but the movement stopped, and said that these substances dangerous to the health of citizens "and not even suitable to be fed to animals."
Sheikh Sultan and carry the responsibility of the Red Cross, saying "This is a genocide because the organization was aware of all the operations related to these materials, brought from the outside and keep them in the stores, to the sending areas," which was to be spread there.
He denied that al-Shabab Mujahideen obstacle to relief and assistance to the needy and those affected, and said, "We are not against helping people, this propaganda has made, including Kenya justification for the incursion by its forces in Somalia, we refuse to distribute such materials corrupt our people."

Recognition of the Red Cross
For his part, said Noor Saeed Abdlh, deputyhead of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Lower Shabelle province, in remarks to the press, the Committee sent 1700 tons of food specifically for those affected by thedrought in southern areas.

He admitted light that the food that was burnedyesterday is part of five hundred tons of beanshave expired and are more than the province ofLower Shabelle and said, "We have signed upfor the verification of non-validity of thesematerials and we know it is not valid alreadyand we apologize for the Somali people and the administration of the province for this ".

He said that the error was from traders whocontracted with them to bring the food, and promised that they will bring food to be valid in compensation for the materials that burnedbad food, a student from the Department ofYouth Mujahideen Movement cooperation inachieving this.

The order comes two days after the ban imposed by the movement of 15 internationalaid organization and a local organization andone to work in Somalia under the pretext that it has actions outside of its functions, exerciseand accused of espionage and missionaryactivities and the dissemination of the principles of secularism and obstructing the application of Islamic law.
Source: Al Jazeera

Israel is targeting disabled Palestinians

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights stressed that the Palestinians have been disabled for war crimes and Israeli violations (Al Jazeera - Archive)

Awad Rajoub - Ramallah

With the approach of the International Day of disabled people in the third month, according to statistical data and the sources of Palestinian rights that Israel and the continued targeting of disabled Palestinians murder, arrest, at a time when human rights activists, researchers confirmed the continued detention of dozens of disabled people in Israeli prisons under harsh conditions.

The prisoners' affairs specialist researcher Nasser Ferwana Palestinian detainees from the wounded and disabled patients to arbitrary measures, he said, adding that the occupation authorities repeatedly tried to extort confessions and Msawmthm to provide for their treatment, and apply pressure and torture them since their arrest.

Ferwana explains that some disabled prisoners were arrested and are suffering from physical disability or psychological or even paralysis of two quarters or halves, while some were arrested on their way to treatment and others were severely wounded while conducting operations against the occupation.

He said that some detainees Ferwana move wheelchairs and by the occupation authorities refused to respond to the calls of human rights organizations and health need to provide the necessary treatment for them as a prelude to their release and to save their lives.

He called Ferwana Palestinian and Arab parties directly related to the recent prisoner exchange deal to take action and pressure towards ensuring the inclusion of all patients, especially those with disabilities and those with special needs within the second phase of the transaction, which is supposed to be implemented during the next two weeks.

He cited the cases of Ferwana for a number of prisoners with disabilities, including captive bald agonist (42 years), suffering from a leg amputation in the left pane, and disruption of bone in the left leg.
The prisoner, Ahmed Asfour (23 years), who is suffering from amputation of the fingers of the right hand and the disruption of the movement in the left hand and the loss of part of the intestine and the injury of the right eye, and the prisoner's seat Ashraf Abu miserably (23 years), who suffers from physical disability cost him the ability to move, and captured Mansour lighted ( 43 years) and suffers from partial paralysis and uses a wheelchair.

In turn, said the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights to disabled Palestinians were - like the rest of the civilian population of others - for war crimes and Israeli violations, pointing out that a number of disabled amputated members of their bodies after exposure to injury before or during the process of arrest, and that many of them had been subjected to operations blackmail and compromise on the treatment during the questioning and interrogation.

The number of Palestinian victims with disabilities since the beginning of the Intifada on September 29 / September 2000 and until today has risen to 89 with a disability, including 15 children and 7 females. While during the same period injured more than 105 disabled firearms used by the Israeli occupation.

According to human rights center, 45 prisoners are physically and mentally disabled are still languishing in the prisons of the occupation and the harsh living conditions under the health policy of medical neglect and poor conditions of detention in prisons, saying the martyrdom of two children with disabilities in separate incidents in the Gaza Strip.

He accused the Israeli authorities not to the center to make any effort, even if minimal, to avoid causing more casualties among Palestinian civilians in general, and especially those with disabilities.

PCHR calls upon the international community to put pressure on the occupation authorities to force it to stop all serious violations carried out against prisoners with disabilities, and provide immediate treatment and appropriate to them, and stop them in solitary confinement.

On the Palestinian level, confirmed the Palestinian suffering disabilities from a lack of severe and serious deterioration in the level of enjoyment of their rights in the light of the continued state of internal division, and the existence of two governments in two different in Gaza and Ramallah, and the absence of application of the provisions of the law of the rights of Disabled Palestinians, and irregular allocation of Social Affairs, and the lack of medical devices necessary for many of them.

Source: Al Jazeera

Amnesty International calls for arrest of Bush

Image via Wikipedia

Amnesty International called on Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia yesterday to the arrest of former U.S. President George W. Bush during his visit to Africa next week due to violations of human rights.
Senior legal advisers in the organization Matt Pollard "International law requires that there be no safe haven for those responsible for torture, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia to take advantage of this opportunity to fulfill their obligations to end impunity enjoyed by George Bush."
In February last rights groups said that Bush canceled a trip to Switzerland because of the threat to take legal action against him regarding allegations of torture, but the organizers said they Olquha for security reasons, not because of criminal complaints.
And allowed Bush - who presided over the United States between 2001 and 2009 - using violent interrogation methods considered by Amnesty International and other human rights organizations to torture, including waterboarding.
Bush defended the waterboarding technique used on detainees extremists and said that a key tool in preventing the recurrence of the attacks of 11 September / September on the United States.
It is scheduled that Bush and his wife Laura visit to Africa on a trip aimed at increasing awareness about cancer in the region Atfkda during which a number of hospitals, and meet a number of officials from health sectors.

Source: Reuters

Corruption in Israel

Olmert (right) at his trial on corruption charges in 2009 (Reuters)

Wadih Awawdeh - Haifa
A new international research confirms that Israel was involved in the corruption of an unprecedented scale as evidenced Society Transparency International, through its branch in Israel that the latter won the 5.8 mark ten degrees in what is known scale, transparency, and it occupies the 36th place among 183 countries covered by the measure of corruption.
Within the United States and international development cooperation, Israel occupies the new scale of corruption ranked 25, followed by Turkey, Italy and Greece with the countries of occupied Arab spring ranks low in the scale of corruption is still in Egypt is ranked 112 and 129 ranked Syria and Libya is ranked 169.
And confirms the Member of the Board of Directors of Transparency International - Israel - Amnon you have to "disappointing results", which won by Israel in the area of ​​corruption should trigger a red light in the public at large and decision makers alike, and cautioned statement to the Hebrew Radio Thursday from the low image of Israel in the world and the occurrence of negative economic impact due to corruption.
CorruptionKnown as the international coalition to combat corruption and the supervisor of the standard annual that the phenomenon means of power and influence for personal gain while based Association of Transparency International - a branch of Israel - in elaborated on the ranking of countries annually based on 17 source of information from various points of the participation of experts and businessmen.
Was released in Israel in 2009 a book by researcher and journalist Aryeh Avnery entitled "Scream, O earth corrupt" tackle corruption in Israel, a phenomenon exacerbated and spread as a "cancer cells" affects even the security establishment, is also accused of media Hebrew central shift of horns in the service of capital, which contributed Ba_i_ra of corruption.
The Israeli writer stresses that corruption in Israel reaches the top of the political level, considering major former government of Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert most corrupt in the history of the Jewish state.

Corruption of partiesIt is noteworthy that a number of senior Israeli officials had tried to convict them of theft and abuse of authority of the graft and some of them are still under detention, and most notably former finance minister Avraham Hirchson.
A poll conducted by the Institute, "Magar Mochot" in 2008 that 72% of Israelis believe that the regime in Israel is corrupt and that the parties most corrupt institutions.
And compare the number of observers of Israeli conferences strategy as a conference Herzliya national security in recent years between corruption and the Iranian nuclear bomb in terms of danger to Israel, including deputy Communist Dov Hanin, who warned that corruption is signed by the victims and hits the immune state and undermine the castle from within.

Emphasizes in his nostalgia for the island revealed that occupation contributes to the spread of phenomena assault on the public interest and that the culture of power fueling the spread of bribery and nepotism in Israel warning that reveals nothing more than a tip of the iceberg.
He continues, "at least in my opinion is a dangerous political corruption based on the purchase of receivables involved in the coalition government and preference for state leaders to their own interests and maintain their seats on peace, equality and justice."
On the other hand, observers believe that the others detect a major corruption scandals and the prosecution of senior politicians demonstrates the growing strength of those facing corruption.

Source: Al Jazeera

Russia, Syria received an advanced missile

Russian warships headed to the Syrian coast to conduct joint maneuvers with Syria
(European - Archive)

Russian military source said that his country recognized the Syrian anti-ship missiles in the context of a previous deal between the two sides.
The Interfax news agency quoted the Russian news source - who preferred anonymity - appreciated the value of the transaction amount of three hundred million dollars.
Source did not specify when the shipment was delivered, saying that "the contract and fully implemented before the deadline." "These weapons would cover the whole Syrian coast from any possible attack from the sea."
The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday that Moscow rejects ban on arms exports to Syria, as previously announced, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov last February that Russia is moving in the implementation of a special agreement to export weapons to Syria despite Israeli concerns.
The talk about the delivery of those missiles days after the call for an investigation committee of the United Nations arms embargo on Damascus, while Moscow openly opposed to other penalties imposed by the League of Arab States and Western powers on Syria.
It is noteworthy that Syria hosts the facility maintenance of the Russian navy as well as they got 7% ​​of the total sales of Russian arms to the outside and center of "Cast of military research" in Moscow at about ten billion dollars in 2010.
ManeuversIn the context of military ties between Moscow and Damascus, the Defence Ministry said the Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" carrying on board fighter "Sukhoi" and "Meg," I went, accompanied by battleship "Admiral Chabanenko" to the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Syria to conduct naval exercises, referring to the The ships will enter the Syrian port of Tartus.
But the Western media was considered that the main task of the Russian warships to be sent to the Mediterranean is to help the Coast Guard to prevent the Syrian and foreign military intervention in the country.

Source: Agencies

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