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Italian woman married before 3 hours of her death!

إيطالية تتزوج قبل 3 ساعات من موتها!

Married woman in the hospital in Palermo, Italy before to provide it away after 3 hours.

Charlotte Afgooye (32 years) from the Republic of Benin married MIMO to Ucciza (37 years) in a hospital in Palermo, Italy, where struggling with serious illness.

Video: Request marriage on the air of a broadcaster

بالفيديو: طلب زواج على الهواء مباشرة من مذيعة

Boycotted lover newscast air to apply to marry presenter and was amazed by the situation and was her reply acceptance in a very strange scene.


Imprisoned in exile - Kuwait

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Sewer pipes .. Shelters for Israelis

Forced rockets fired by Palestinian resistance factions on towns in southern Israel, dozens of Israelis to hide in concrete sewer pipes, hastily deployed in open areas.

Video .. Screaming and crying Israeli army recruits of the resistance missiles

Video clip revealed panic of Israeli soldiers from Palestinian resistance missiles, where the Israeli army recruits appears they weep and cry out panic because of the sound of sirens after the fall of the Palestinian resistance missiles, revealing the extent of the horror experienced by the Israeli occupation army soldiers from the confrontation with the Palestinians.

British back to life after the announcement of his death twice

Enables medical team consisting of 34 people - with God's help - to save the life British "Lewis Qodfrey", 23 years after nearly dying under the wheels of a large truck weighing 15 tons, while pay held offshore are some people who fight with them in the street, causing him in serious injuries.

Young man find its twin in the form of the sixteenth century

شاب يجد توأمه في صورة من القرن السادس عشر
Found a young man from the city (Philadelphia) in the state (Pennsylvania) American twin Finally panel of the sixteenth century.


Video: White whale Nadhir for the novel "Moby Dick" .. shows off the coast of Norway

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Traveled Danny Popcorn 32 years old, an engineer in the Marine Sciences on a ship Bambasslbard nearly Norwegian Coastal while hinted flashing white appears and disappears and Ronevi waves caused by a group of Alhtan blue Mahdodbh afternoon, and by virtue of his experience did not hesitate to bring his camera and positioning at the forefront of the ship capture the best images,did not imagine Danny he will be a witness to the presence of the White whale, who said U.S. writer "Halmn Malval" in his novel about "Moby Dick" White whale.

Found an encrypted message from World War in the structure «Zajil»

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After half a century of World War II found British warship encrypted message in the skeletal remains of a bird homers.

Life imprisonment for raping student journalist

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Punished Criminal Court in Dubai, yesterday, the student (P. P - ‬ 24 years), from the Gulf state, life imprisonment after being convicted of kidnapping and extortion victim (p. A.. Q), journalist, aged ‬ 28 years, and raped her.

Facebook founder spends Christmas vacation in a country that prohibits the use of its

مؤسس موقع فيسبوك يقضي إجازة عيد الميلاد في بلد يحظر استخدام موقعه

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Agencies - despite the fact that communist Vietnam to countries that prohibit the use of Facebook, but it occurred a strange paradox, he chose Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg this country for Christmas vacation.


Indecent assault minor daughter and fathered her two children

هتك عرض ابنته القاصر وأنجب منها طفلين

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Kenyan police have arrested the parents of the tenth daughter and fathered her two children and in town Kasangana, where will be presented before the court in Malindi to be tried on charges of incest and indecent assault, according to Standard Media.
The claim that the man tenth daughter is 16 years old today and caused her pregnancy twice. The representative of the prosecution said Joyce Landau they learned of the incident through a church mission in the region.

Video .. plane out of the runway and crashed on a highway

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I picked up a police camera Brazilian plane crash moment on landing near one of the main roads in the city of Sao Paulo.

Thief returns money to the victim after he learned afflicted with cancer

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The thief in one of the streets of Tehran stealing handbag containing the equivalent of three thousand dollars of Iranian currency of a passer-by, to teach after examining the contents that the victim has cancer and he was on his way to a hospital for treatment.

American breastfeeds her dog from her nipples!

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Published one of the sites of foreign exotic images showing an American woman is 44-year-old and claims Terry Grimm and is nursing her dog from her nipples.


Libyan woman gives birth to 7 twins

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Gave birth to a Libyan Monday seven twins, five daughters and two sons, in a rare first taking place in Libya.

Lebanese origin behind the director of the CIA scandal

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Lebanese origin behind the scandal intelligence chief U.S. women cited U.S. media on Monday that Paula Broadwell, mistress director "CIA" David Petraeus, and sent them e-mails after complaining that he was having an affair with her, was forced to seek protection from "FNBA ", and after the scam was detected, are American Jill Kelly, of Lebanese origin of the Khawam family known in Lebanon, and her father Lebanese restaurant owner in the United States.

U.S. study: Humans are getting stupid

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Said U.S. researcher, said the average intelligence among humans in a gradual decline, justifying his theory that man was in great need of mental abilities when he was wandering around in small groups in the wild to survive, but the importance of intelligence fell with the start of humanitarian practice agriculture and stability and live in communities more.

Video: excess weight was the cause .. In surviving

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Exposure Tony Morgan owner 44 years old father of three children to a terrible accident nearly takes his life when he approached a suspicious car was in a garage company owned by, and when standing alongside the driver has the latest punched and Go quickly drive to the outside, found in the latter it is drug dealers.

Tragedy and weighing 76 carats sold for $ 21 million in Geneva

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Christie's said that the huge diamond impeccable from جولكوندا mines legendary Indian sold at auction in Geneva on Tuesday evening against 20.555 million Swiss francs 21.48 million.


German slaughter of four children because his wife moved away with him!

ألماني ذبح أطفاله الأربعة لأن زوجته إبتعدت عنه!
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A German court sentenced a father slaughtering his four children for fifteen years.

Sex scandal paid CIA Director to resign

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Before U.S. President Barack Obama Friday the resignation of director of the CIA, David Petraeus, because of his involvement in a sexual relationship outside of marriage, and praised him as one of the most prominent generals of his generation and expressed confidence that the agency will continue to succeed.


Drove on the sidewalk .. Sentenced to wear a sign 'stupid'

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American woman won punished because of driving the car on the sidewalk in an attempt to avoid the school bus, after being sentenced by a judge to stand at a crossroads and wear a sign saying "stupid."

Has the ability to accommodate 1,000 customers a day ... Opening of the largest brothel in Europe

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Will be the opening of a large brothel in 2014 dubbed "FunMotel" project cost about 12 million pounds, has the ability to accommodate 1,000 customers a day with 150 workers in the field of sex porn stars.

Earth on a date with the brightest comet in 21

الأرض على موعد مع ألمع مذنب في القرن 21

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In rare astronomical phenomenon, which may be considered the most important event for astronomers discovered guilty monitors is expected to increase to shine in the coming months so that he could see with the naked eye in daylight. It was discovered the comet in the month of June 2011, and was named 'Ban Stars' relative to the name of the telescope system that was discovered in Hawaii in the United States.

Kenyan give birth to "Obama" and "Romney"

كينية تلد
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Coinciding with the end of the U.S. presidential election, announcing the victory of President Barack Obama's Republican rival Mitt Romney, and put a Kenyan woman born twins were fired at the one name 'Obama' and on the other the name of «Romney.


Lebanese Millionaire: Fabregas stole my wife from me while we were preparing for a third child

Occur millionaire Lebanese living in Britain how he Spaniard and Barcelona star current and former Arsenal Cesc Fabregas from stealing his wife and compatriot Daniela Simon when were preparing for the birth of a third child for them, and still Daniela friendly player Spanish until today, according to convey to you in the world for Sun.

Saw the girl who was kidnapped heart Neymar da Silva

I hesitated in the news lately for a link Neymar da Silva, Brazilian striker Santos, a young actress called Bruna Markzen.


Egypt .. Discovery of the tomb of Princess Pharaonic

Recently been detected in Egypt tomb back to Pharaonic princess who lived more than 4500 years south of the Egyptian capital Cairo.

American nun stealing more than 100 thousand dollars from the church because of its addiction to gambling

U.S. nun accused of stealing more than 100 thousand dollars from two churches worked in them, and because of addiction to gambling.

Continued more than 2.7 million people in the United States the first film recounts the details of the operation that led to the liquidation of Osama bin Laden, the al Qaeda leader, also announced National Geographic station that aired two days before the U.S. presidential election.

Egypt four youths abducted girl and rape her for two days ..And you can escape while watching a match

Area witnessed pyramid heinous crime, where 4 young kidnapped girl at the age of "28 years" at gunpoint and took her to an apartment area Ezbet Jibril pyramid and took turns raping her for two days, and when left abductors yesterday to watch the match Ahly and Esperance, managed to escape from them.And went to the section of the pyramid and informed them.

Filed his wife after carrying on his shoulders 5 years

I knew, yesterday, the story of Algerian Salim, who was carrying his wife on his shoulders for a full five years, and reported in the Arab media, the end of an unfortunate, after I became Muslim wife "healthy" spirit to the maker after degradation, and doctors were unable to be addressed, where she died after spent 16years with her ​​husband.


Saw the girl who cried tedious Obama and Romney

Spread a video clip on YouTube appear girl at the age of four crying in front of her family, saying she tired of news "Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney," and just days before the presidential election. And revealed the "Arab. Net" that video has had a major impact in the United States, which suffers from a surfeit media because of the election campaign.

U.S. woman kills her son and a girl, including more than 150 stab


U.S. court refused Thursday to release a woman who was stabbed her 100 stab another child was sponsored by 50 stab.

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